One of the great things about land surveying is that we get the chance to work on a wide variety of projects. We are happy to work with a host of clients on any number of different sites and terrain. It is not always about hiking through the woods or working along someones fence line. A big part of land surveying is also doing construction layout for large projects in the mud or dust.

Professional Land Surveyors have recently been awarded the construction staking for a large commercial development in Coweta County, Georgia. We will be using our GPS and robotic total stations to complete this task. It is critical to be as thorough and precise as possible here. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can depend upon the information and staking that we provide.
The economy went from a slide to a stand still for a few years. One thing that we notice as land surveyors is that when we are doing a lot of construction staking, the economy is booming. There were many years here in Atlanta and the surrounding area where survey companies could easily survive on construction staking alone. We really hope that many construction staking projects start to show up, because that could be a sign of things to come!