When an existing property needs to be divided for any of a number of reasons, a subdivision survey may be required. These reasons can include but are not limited to estate settlement, mortgage requirements, development purposes, or to sell a portion of your property. To correctly prepare a subdivision survey, a boundary survey should first be performed to verify the dimensions and acreage of the original property.

A subdivision survey can be done using a metes-and-bound system to specify any individual lots within the main tract. Each of these lots are then identified on a plat. This plat then serves as the official record of the subdivided property and is recorded with a government entity such as a city or county. This plan becomes the legal description of all the lots in the subdivision.

The subdivision process can involve single splits of property for which a plat of survey is created, or large tracts of land that are subdivided multiple times and into multiple lots. These subdivision plats show layouts and dimensions of lots, streets, alleys, common ground, etc. Those who are developing a tract of land, by splitting and selling several parts to others for development, will need to begin this process with a licensed land surveyor such as Lowery & Associates Land Surveying.

With smaller subdivisions or just a split in the property, the time required is minimal and similar to the cost and time for a Boundary Survey. Larger multi-lot subdivisions however, may require extensive planning, perimeter work, layout, drafting, and construction staking during the development process.

Whatever your property subdivision need, Lowery & Associates are well equipped to take care of it.