A boundary survey is the retracement of an original or previous survey. A survey of this nature is often requested so that a property owner might know where the limits of their property lie. A boundary survey can help to identify any encroachments from one property onto another and can be very useful prior to any new construction to ensure no encroachments occur. The boundary information is recovered through extensive courthouse records research and diligent search for monumentation in the field.

Professional, Registered Land Surveyors
Our professionals are well versed in all phases of deed and right-of-way research, using both courthouse and internet resources to gather existing title information, and the generation of property mosaics prior to performing property surveys. Upon completion of the research, our field surveyors search and locate existing property monumentation and any other features indicating lines of possession. The existing boundary lines are then reestablished and a boundary plat produced per specific state standards. Upon completion of the boundary plat, monuments are placed at all corners where existing monumentation was not found. Our key to providing quality boundary surveys is a knowledgeable and experienced staff. Professional Land Surveyors is licensed in the following states: Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and North Carolina. All boundary surveys adhere to the specific state standards, including field procedures, plat preparation and property corner monumentation.