Topographic Survey involves the measurement of surface features and configuration of an area or a region, and the graphic expression of those features.

Surveying is the art and science of measurement of points on, above, or under the surface of the Earth. Topographic maps show the natural and cultural features of a piece of land. The natural features include configuration (relief), hydrography, and vegetation. The cultural features include roads, buildings, bridges, political boundaries, and the sectional breakdown of the land. Topographic maps are used by a wide variety of people, such as engineers designing a new road; backpackers finding their way into remote areas; scientists describing soil or vegetation types, wildlife habitat, or hydrology; and military personnel planning field operations.

Topographic Mapping For Planning and Development
These topographic surveys are often prepared in the pre-development phase to aid in determination of surface drainage of water on the property and to aid in the design of improvements for the property. At Professional Land Surveyors, this is the most common reason we are hired to perform a topographic survey.