Professional Land Surveyors is a full-service land surveying firm that serves all of North Georgia and Southeastern Tennessee in addition to most of the Southeastern United States. We utilize the latest in land surveying technology, including high precision G.P.S to ensure that projects are completed in a timely, yet accurate manner.

Professional Land Surveyors was founded with the goal of being the most responsive and client oriented firm in the Southeast. We have a goal of establishing long-lasting relationships with all clients, whether that client be a land owner with the occasional need for a survey to a civil engineer dependent on precise information with a fast turnaround. This goal is accomplished by ensuring all needs are met and no questions are left unanswered all while adhering to the client’s schedule.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a knowledgeable and professional staff that is very aware of the client’s needs and expectations. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that these needs and expectations are met in a safe and timely manner. Our organization is structured in a way that enables a seamless flow of information from field, to office, to client. This approach allows us to deliver on schedule commitments and ensures the required quality control occurs.

We are certified floodplain surveyors and can work closely with property owners, developers, and other enterprise executives for any land surveying or analysis needs.